A next generation memecoin running a Proof-of-Meme (PoM) consensus mechanism.


Let's build a meme factory!

Community members create #SHOCKD memes and earn $SHOCK tokens for their work.

Create memes and tag us @shockdmeme on Twitter.

The best memes are reposted on our Twitter page.

Meme creators earn 25M $SHOCK tokens for their featured posts.

Creating memes has never been this good - or profitable!


Earn 25M $SHOCK tokens per meme. The amount halves every 1000 memes.

Creator Rewards


Tokens rewarded to community members for their memes.

Public Sale


Fair token launch and distribution.

Locked Liquidity


Tokens reserved for liquidity pool creation.



  • Start accepting memes in exchange for $SHOCK tokens.

  • Fair token launch - price 0.0001 XRD.

  • Create liquidity pools on major dexes and burn all LP tokens.

  • Deploy token rewards smart contract.

  • Smart contract triggers to automate payouts.

  • Prepare to be #SHOCK'D.

Frequently Asked Questions


How will you provide liquidity?

75% of the Public Sale will be used to create locked (forever) liquidity pools and the remaining 25% for marketing.

What's the max total supply?


What's the halving cycle?

Rewards start at 25M $SHOCK and half every 1,000 memes for 10 cycles.

When is the Public Sale?

TBD. Follow us on Twitter and Telegram for more updates.

Is there a Private Sale?

Absolutely not!

How many token are being allocated to the team?

None. We will be participating in the Public Sale like everybody else.

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